G A L E R I E    K A R I N    S A C H S



8. Juni  -  12. Juli 2018 


"Windhauch, Windhauch", sagte Kohelet,
"Windhauch, Windhauch,
das ist alles Windhauch.

Das Buch Kohelet : 1,2

The Israel born artist bounces between one technique and another, letting one work influence the other. Predominantly, the work is led by the use of paper; an elementary and somewhat plain artistic material. Often replacing the tip of the pen with the blade of a knife to cuts the drawings in the white material, provoking a very silent exclaim. To add sense of disorientation the paper is positioned in close proximity to an everyday object, bringing about an ambivalent relationship between the friendly banal and the all-mighty fine mastery of art.“The paper Brigade”  like its´ previous, a coat hanger is carrying few sheets of paper to construct a cut out soldier or other aspects that may contribute to the act of war. In The third Paper Brigade - Element of Blame, the war factors are not with the human soldiers but with some basic question: why there is still war around the world ? Bringing to the surface elements of blame and distraction.
Constructing poetry of everyday struggle to understand the world.

This group of work examine the polar relationship of social order as well as the inner psychological and contemplative, struggle. An observation act of an ongoing oscillation between; horror - joy, emotional - rational, conscious - unconscious, private - public, desire - anxiety, freedom - frustration and how it all tend to operate together.